December’s Dog of the Month: Fender

December’s Dog of the Month: Fender


Name: Fender

Nickname: Boo

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 4 years

Gender: Male


Toy: Ball

Activity: Run

Training Trick: Fetch

Destination: Camping

Treat: Duck Biscuit

Friend: Tiny

From the Dog’s Mouth

What’s your biggest accomplishment? 
I suffered a stroke one week ago and have no residual effects and I kept my mom and dad calm during the entire episode ( NOT).

Describe your perfect day.
Going to the dog park and playing ball.

When I grow up I want to be …
as happy as I am now.

I love my parents because …
they love me unconditionally, even when I have an accident or when I won’t share my treats. They are always willing to give a hug.

I hate to admit it, but my naughtiest moments were when …
I steal the cats treats or toys.

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