February’s Dog of the Month: Maverick

February’s Dog of the Month: Maverick


Name: Maverick

Nickname: Mav

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 2

Gender: Male


Toy: Kong Bone

Activity: Love running , swimming , playing keep away

Training Trick: I can sit and shake and play dead

Destination:Dog Park my favorite place

Treat:Mom’s homemade stuff

Friend: my brother Blue

From the Dog’s Mouth

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
Passed all my k-nine classes

Describe your perfect day.
Seeing Mom off to work, playing with Blue, then a trip to dog park , finished off by sleeping on big bed by mom.

I love my parents because …
They give me treats take to dog park let me sleep on the big bed and tell me im a good boy…….even when im not lol

I hate to admit it, but my naughtiest moments were when …
Chewing up moms shoes playing in cat pan, chewing up all my toys

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