November’s Dog of the Month: Papi

November’s Dog of the Month: Papi


Name: Papi

Breed: Chug

Age: 5

Gender: Male


Toy: I like to steal my sisters toys and tease her

Activity: I enjoy cuddling on the couch with my mom

Training Trick: I can sit on my tush only if I’m told tush

Destination: the dog park

Treat: I love steak

Friend: My sisters name is Chica and she bosses me around

From the Dog’s Mouth

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is always knowing which car is mine. And i will check all the doors until one is open.

Describe your perfect day.
A day of shopping in my stroller and all the people want to see and pet me.

When I grow up, I want to be …
When i grow up I want to be a professional cuddler. I want to lay on you and give you love snot blows.

I love my parents because …
I know my mom will get me my special morning treats. These are the best treats and if she tries to give me something else i will throw it across the room and shake my head no. Then she gives me my special treats.

I hate to admit it, but my naughtiest moment was when …
My sister thinks i want her treat and we start a growling match. I don’t know why we are growling but its fun. It makes mom laugh since we are so bad.


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