January’s Dog of the Month: Buddy Boo

January’s Dog of the Month: Buddy Boo


Name: Buddy boo

Nickname: Bud buds

Breed: German Shepard/ border collie mix

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male


Toy: Boot

Activity: Naps

Training Trick: Whisper

Destination: Starbucks

Food or Treat: Pup cup

Friend: Tj his bunny

From the Dog’s Mouth

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
Going up the stairs

Describe your perfect day.
Dog park, naps, balls, petco, Starbucks… end day

When I grow up, I want to be …
A lap dog

I love my parents because …
They get me Bark Boxes

I hate to admit it, but my naughtiest moment was when …
I ate moms shoes… all of them


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